What Is Environmental Awareness Training For Business?

And Why Is It Important?

The importance of environmental awareness in the workplace has been gathering momentum for many years. From small business to large, global corporations, the impact we have on the environment is under scrutiny.

Customers, the most important asset to any business, are increasingly aware of environmental issues. As well financial cost, customers are also querying the cost to the environment when making the decision to buy or not.

Single-use plastic is an issue, for example, that consumers are keen to minimise. For your business, you may have already taken steps to minimise packaging, as well as using materials and processes that are less damaging to the environment now and in the future.

Environmental awareness can often be forgotten, however, and no wonder with the pressure of everyday work and business. Stress, conflict and pressure are distracting. Budget constrictions can mean that some changes are out of reach but there is another factor – lack of awareness.

The issues around ‘the environment’ change as we discover more about our plant and the effects we are having on it.

Improving workplace practices

As well as investing in environmental awareness training for business, there are key areas of workplace practice that you can look at now and identify changes you could make.


This can save your business a lot of money, as well as reducing your impact on the environment. But it isn’t just about switching off lights…

  • Conserve water – in the long term, why not use grey water for flushing toilets? Consider investing in an ‘industrial-scale rain harvester.
  • Use recycled products – from toilet paper made from recycled paper to recycled card and other products, the range is growing and prices reducing.
  • Maximise natural light
  • Consider automatic lights that work on sensors and timers
  • Programme your PCS to hibernate after certain working hours or better still, encourage shut down at the end of every working day.


Producing goods can be a drain on natural resources and so finding efficient, environmentally-friendly alternatives should be long term goals;

  • Consider processes that use less water and other limited natural resources
  • Are there ways to reduce and minimise non-recyclable waste
  • Test alternative environmentally friendly materials
  • Stick to a rigorous maintenance schedule of equipment and machinery to maximise their efficiency


Environmental awareness is not just about nature and the outside, it is about the environment we create inside too.

In an effort to produce a corporate and professional look, clinical, almost sterile environments are created. Research has shown that the lack of environmental character can lead to stale productivity rates too.

Bringing the outside in is a phrase used in domestic interior design and one that lends itself well to workplaces too;

  • Go green – invest in plants for desks, foyers, staff rooms and other areas. Plants are proven to lift the human spirit as well as contribute to improving air quality.
  • Environmental charities – why not extend your environmental reach by becoming involved with local ‘green’ charities?
  • Encourage environmentally-friendly travel – from car sharing pools to subsidised public transport to ‘bike to work’ schemes there are many initiatives your business can become involved in.
  • Environmental awareness training – address major concerns with training, essential for every employee from the board room and across all departments.

Have you considered the impact your business has the environment? What changes have you made to reduce this impact?

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