Mini Medics is a basic awareness in First Aid for children.

Here at GA Safety Solutions we believe it’s never too early to learn the importance of First Aid, that’s why we offer a fun, hands on, interactive course introducing children to the fundamentals of First Aid.

We recognise how much children learn when a subject is interesting, this is why we play games, take part in quizzes and encourage the children to be as hands on as possible in all practical activities.

Mini Medics is a lovely way to give your child an introduction to First Aid, covering a wide range of life saving skills, such as CPR, the recovery position, how to use an AED as well as much more.

We teach our children life saving skills everyday-why not teach them this?

We are currently working with Hamilton College, and run a Mini Medics after school club-

“Our Junior School children are loving learning about First Aid, resuscitation and CPR-especially all the interactive participation. Having fun whilst learning something extremely worthwhile! Thank you!”  From Mrs Tonner-Senior Teacher for Junior School and Nursery.