Fire Safety Training

GA Safety Solutions provides a wide range of fire safety training courses to clients across Scotland.

In the unlikely and scary event that a fire might break out in your workplace, you should train your staff to know what to do.

Fire can be very dangerous and spread quickly. If staff members are uneducated on what to do in this event there is an increased possibility that things won't end well. Keeping your staff and your workplace safe is one of the most important duties that you have. A fire has the power to destroy your business, as well as lives.

Decreasing the risk of harm caused by a fire is an easy solution – fire safety training with GA training solutions. It won't cost as much as you may think, but equipping staff with the knowledge of how to control a fire is a lot less expensive than if one was to break out and you lost everything.  It's important to keep in mind that many businesses’ never recover from a fire. This is the livelihoods of your staff and their families, as well as yours, it's important that you take the correct steps prevent this.

All our courses cover essential modules needed to create a course the provides your staff with the best training on offer so they can leave feeling confident they have acquired a new skill.

Training your staff is a great way to make them feel appreciated, as investing in new skill sets that will help their personal growth is something that they may not have been able to do on their own.

We can help you keep up to date with training and will let you know when your staff need refreshers on the course to update them with any essential changes that could have happened in the industry.

It's important to send staff on a fire safety course even if they have already attended one with a previous employer over 5 years ago, its best to make sure all your staff are knowledgeable.

Contact GA Safety Solutions to discuss your requirements. The company is based in Lanarkshire but serves clients across Scotland.

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