First Aid Training

GA Safety Solutions provides a wide range of first aid training courses to clients across Scotland.

The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 states it's not essential for you to provide your staff with a Regulated First Aid at Work course. However, it does say that as an employer, you are required to train your staff to an adequate level so that in the event of a staff member being taken ill whilst at work, your employees should have adequate training and knowledge to equipment to help the person that's been taken ill.

Confusing, right? Don't worry, we're here to help all your staff have more than adequate training that will keep everyone safe at work and knowledgeable in an array events that might happen and how to deal with them, potentially saving someone's life.

The course covers all aspects of illness that has the potential to happen - it's not just CPR (fear not, that is still covered in the course). Learning how to deal with these situations is the only way in which order will be restored in the event of an emergency.

We teach all our delegates the process of staying calm and providing care and attention to the person in need, hopefully having a happy ending. All this results in a nationally recognised certificate, your staff will develop personally, as well as adding more strings to their bow. It is nice to know that wherever your staff are, even outside of work that they have the ability to change the outcome of someone's life, all with this knowledge. It is an invaluable gift.

Since October 2013 the HSE ‘deregulated’ First Aid meaning organisations are free to use any adequate training provider they wish - But we know 'adequate' isn't enough for a business as immeasurable as yours.

We understand that your staff probably don’t care much about ‘Regulated Frameworks’. All they need is experienced and knowledgeable trainers that can give them practical and appropriate guidance- that’s precisely what we do.

If we provide the training at your facilities, we will also offer First Aid at Work recommendations based on our observations which, if followed, will help achieve a safer standard at your workplace.

Contact GA Safety Solutions to discuss your requirements. The company is based in Lanarkshire but serves clients across Scotland.

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